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This project began when I met Mark and Carolyn Cronin in February 2009, six months after Mark lost his leg. After producing a slideshow about his recovery, I wanted to look at the rest of the story – at women who have been arrested for driving drunk, the use and abuse of alcohol, and the consequences of our drinking behavior.

A six-month Kiplinger Fellowship in Public Affairs Journalism at Ohio State University gave me invaluable time to research the project and produce the videos.

But ultimately, this project wouldn’t have happened without the Cronins’ spirit of forgiveness, the candor and courage of the women in these videos, and the insights of many other sources. It is an honor and a privilege to know you.

Many people made this project possible, supported and
guided me, including:

Kiplinger Fellows Josh Brodesky, Heather Faison, Scott Gaulin and Chandra Thomas.

Also, Kiplinger Program staff Hank Wilson, Patti Confar, Betsy Hubbard, Debra Jasper and Nick George, Ohio State faculty Scott DeWitt, Dan Shellenbarger and Aaron Ganci, and colleagues at The Quincy Patriot Ledger, especially Bob Monahan for page layout, Greg Botelho for text editing and Ken Johnson for coordinating on-line display.

Along the way, other friends offered feedback and moral support. Thanks to Viking, Colin, Sharon, Lisa and Lou for being there.

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