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A Maine winter

When I woke up Tuesday, the world had turned white. Wind gusts of 30 and 40mph made the walking and shooting a challenge at best. I edited this video, which combines clips shot around southern Maine by staff photographers Derek Davis, Shawn Ouellette, Gregory Rec and Carl Walsh.

Maine’s meth problem continues to grow

Tabbatha Osnoe describes how she lost everything to her addiction to methamphetamines. Maine is seeking to combat meth and the small do-it-yourself manufacturing operations that pose their own dangers, as arrest numbers grow and addiction takes its toll. I photographed and edited this video with Press Herald video reporter Susan Kimball, while our crime reporter Dave Hench wrote the print story.

City remembers 35 who died in 2014

Thirty-five is the highest number of deaths of homeless residents recorded in 20 years. Dr. Ann Lemire, medical director for Portland’s Public Health Division, addresses the crowd.

A witness to Pearl Harbor

“All the sudden you could feel the vibrations. And that’s when they screamed on the loudspeaker, ‘Air raid! Air raid!’ ” recalls Jim Watson, 95, who was below deck on the USS Phoenix when Japan attacked on Dec. 7, 1941.

Mother of accused arsonist, victim’s sister speak out

As reporter Scott Dolan wrote the story for the Maine Sunday TelegramNov. 30, 2014, I edited the accompanying video about the recent fire in Biddeford that killed two young men. My co-workers Shawn Ouellette and Gregory Rec shot interviews with the mother of the accused arsonist and a sister of one of the victims. I shot b-roll of the scene, still eerie two months after the fire.

Diptychs help tell a story of division

In the recent election, hotly contested races fueled heavy voter turnout in Maine. As Democrats and Republicans garnered nearly equal numbers of votes, this state mirrored the nation – painfully divided and lacking much room or willingness for compromise. Two days after the election, co-worker Whitney Hayward and I visited two contrasting towns whose voting patterns help illustrate this trend – Greene, which voted 69.1 percent for Republican incumbent Gov. Paul LePage, and Hallowell, which voted 65 percent for Democrat Mike Michaud. Our photos were published in the Press Herald as diptychs, with Whitney’s images of Republican Greene on the right and my images of Democratic Hallowell on the left.

Democracy takes time

It was a long Election Day on Nov. 4, with the winner of the hotly contested governors race not known until after midnight. (Incumbent Paul LePage, a Republican, beat Democrat Mike Michaud, who had served 12 years in Congress and, before that, 20 years in the state legislature.) I edited this glimpse of voters shot by Portland Press Herald staff photographers at several polling places in southern Maine.

Maine State Prison guard says he was hazed

The turnover rate among rookie guards in the Maine state prison system is 80 percent. Some of the reasons why become clear when watching one of those guards tell what happened to him on May 11, 2014. The hazing he endured included being handcuffed and threatened with pepper spray, says Cory Peaslee, 20, a former guard at Maine State Prison in Warren. The story prompted the Press Herald to write an editorial on the topic.

Miniature goats deliver creamy yield at Buxton farm

Marie and Tim Clements started raising Nigerian dwarf goats as a retirement hobby. They didn’t plan to fall in love with the animals and make a ton of goat cheese in a year.

Woman sues GM over burns that scarred her for life

Emma Verrill, a Yarmouth resident who became a paraplegic in high school, is now suing General Motors over an SUV seat heater malfunction that left her bed-ridden for 10 weeks and scarred for life.