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Precision Medicine

I learned a lot about precision medicine when shooting and editing this piece that features Kerri, a young mother battling choriocarcinoma. She gracefully volunteered to appear in this video promoting a call for help in transforming the clinical trials process to bring new medicines targeted to patients’ personal genomes to market faster.

Video storytelling as marketing

I shot and edited this video in my new position as digital media manager and producer at the Harvard Business School.

Woman sues GM over burns that scarred her for life

Emma Verrill, a Yarmouth resident who became a paraplegic in high school, is now suing General Motors over an SUV seat heater malfunction that left her bed-ridden for 10 weeks and scarred for life.

Coming Aug. 2: The 17th annual Beach to Beacon 10K

Sheri Piers and Kristin Barry, among Maine’s top women competitors, share their views on this race that has become a favorite for many runners.

Senate gun control hearings: Stop the violence

Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is living proof that this country desperately needs to re-think its interpretation of the Second Amendment (which makes no mention of sports or hunting). Giffords was shot in the head Jan. 8, 2011, as she met with constituents outside a Tuscon mall. The gunman killed six people and wounded 13 others, including Giffords. This C-SPAN video shows Giffords, now partially blind with a paralyzed right arm, testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Jan. 30, 2013. Her husband Mark Kelly sits next to her.

Katie Colantonio needs a kidney

Katelyn Colantonio, 14, needs a kidney transplant. The teen goes for dialysis three times a week, three hours each time, while she waits for an organ. I photographed Katie with, from left, her sister Nicole, 19, who battled lymphoma last year, and her parents Janice and Jimmy Colantonio in their Braintree yard Friday, June 29, 2012. Katie and Nicole are using Facebook as one way to find an organ donor.

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Recent photos

Mary Beth Fratus appears as a ‘survivor’ model in Catwalk for a Cure, the annual breast cancer charity
fashion show in Boston. But Fratus is now a cancer patient, again. In August she found out her breast cancer had come back.

Though she faces it every three weeks, Mary Ann Burke still winces when her nurse Margaret uses a needle
to access her port and start chemo. Mary Ann is battling breast cancer for the second time. I first met Mary Ann in the fall of 2010, when she was declared cancer-free two years after her initial diagnosis.

Elizabeth Hyder, left, 27, already gets annual mammograms because her mom Deb Ragosta, right, has metastatic breast cancer. Ragosta discovered her cancer had come back in 2009; she was initially treated for breast cancer in 1990 and then declared cancer-free.

While his mom Wendy has her hair braided, JJ Silvestri, 3, has a snack and watches TV during a
Saturday morning at Amina’s Authentic African Braiding in downtown Quincy, Massachusetts.

Autumn leaves in Hanson, Massachusetts.

Breast cancer slideshows earn New England AP multimedia award

The Patriot Ledger’s first place win in the multimedia slideshow category of the 2011 New England Associated Press News Executives Association contest included four audio slideshows I made about women with breast cancer. The slideshows ran on four consecutive Tuesdays last October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Below is one of the slideshows – the story of Mary Ann Burke of Brockton – that ran Oct. 12, 2010.

New video

Breast cancer awareness: Marie O’Leary

Six years later, it’s still the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up in the morning.
Published in the Quincy Patriot Ledger Oct. 26, 2010.

Breast cancer awareness: Elisa DeCola

Elise DeCola, 40, chose to have a double mastectomy. Story published in the Quincy Patriot Ledger
Oct. 19, 2010.

Mark Cronin featured in ‘Power of Forgiveness’

Mark Cronin, who lost his leg to a drunk driver, is featured in local TV station’s story, “The Power of Forgiveness” on Oct. 18, 2010. Mark tells his story in The ‘A’ Word, my multimedia project on women, alcohol and drunk driving.

Melanie’s Law change proposed

Fox affiliate in Boston posts story Oct. 13, 2010, on repeat drunk drivers and proposal to make ignition interlocks mandatory on the first OUI conviction, not the second as Melanie’s Law originally mandated.

Never Again

Alfred Hitchcock presented a haunting portrait of a woman with alcoholism on his TV show that
originally aired April 22, 1956. I first saw this show a few years ago, and found it again when
researching women, alcohol and drunk driving.

Breast cancer awareness month: Mary Ann Burke

New audio slideshow on another woman who has faced breast cancer, for the Quincy Patriot Ledger,
Oct. 12, 2010.
This is one in a series running during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.